Month: December 2016

  • Hatred :)

    There’s really no point in hating yourself. It quite a waste of time. Other than pretending that you’re strong It’s best you change your mind. And so I’ll take my own advice For once, and only for a time… But that’s enough to set me free to ponder such a rhyme. Normally I’d be All-In […]

  • My Dears

    My Dears

    Yes yes my dears, I cannot let you out. You are too precious to me. Too… Too… Vital. I must keep you, dark and deep knowable to only me The way I like it That way, I see. My dears, my dears… So precious to me. My dears, my dears be quiet please I like […]

  • Deja Vu

    It’s dark. This is always where I was heading. Any surprise… It’s for… It’s for… It’s for… The crushing disappointment Hasn’t been crushing for some time. Not because I’ve made different choices But because of the choice I keep making. I am removed, No longer tempted But sated at all turns Hungry for nothing But […]

  • Burning Wood

    I had forgotten the sweet burning wood Made more by that time of year, That quality of year. Summer’s burning is not the same And It felt so good to be home I’d been a long time, gone And it felt so good to be home.

  • Anger

    Sometimes…most times It brings me back. And I know enough, now, 22 years later… That it’s OK. That familiar, gleeful burn That “let’s fucking get it going” That “Oh it feels good to be back” I strut Internally And swing the shoulders of my pomp. When I am like this, it’s all I know, It’s […]