Hatred :)

There's really no point in hating yourself. It quite a waste of time. Other than pretending that you're strong It's best you change your mind. And so I'll take my own advice For once, and only for a time... But that's enough to set me free to ponder such a rhyme. Normally I'd be All-In … Continue reading Hatred 🙂

My Dears

Yes yes my dears, I cannot let you out. You are too precious to me. Too... Too... Vital. I must keep you, dark and deep knowable to only me The way I like it That way, I see. My dears, my dears... So precious to me. My dears, my dears be quiet please I like … Continue reading My Dears

Deja Vu

It's dark. This is always where I was heading. Any surprise... It's for... It's for... It's for... The crushing disappointment Hasn't been crushing for some time. Not because I've made different choices But because of the choice I keep making. I am removed, No longer tempted But sated at all turns Hungry for nothing But … Continue reading Deja Vu