Heads out of Asses?

I keep having the thought that I’m running out of time.

It’s new…relatively…since I turned 45.

Talk about humbling.

So humbling, I’m afraid to admit it, most times.

Running out of time for what?

To achieve.

To build.

To become.

Such a tremendous lie.

Created and crafted from decades of living in need of nothing.

What I mean is:

I have been fooled and I have become the fool.

At every turn I have failed to realize there is a turn, there is a street to be on, a turn to make. I have assumed the structure is for me.

I have assumed the structure, IS.

And in that assumption are the seeds of my retardation.

We are retarded, not healthy,

Society is sick,

Humanity is sick.

And in a group of sick people, when all one sees is sickness,

sickness becomes normalcy

And normalcy is taught, without question.

And when sick is normal and sick is taught, health becomes a threat.

Sickness and health can be replaced with any words…

Violent and peaceful.

Slavery and freedom.

And the question that comes to mind is how do the sick teach the innocent.

How do the violent teach the innocent.

How do the slaves teach the innocent.

How do you teach outside of your experience.

How do you teach what you have not discovered?

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