I am offended by the train

Making me wait.

I am offended by the rain

Wetting my state.

I am offended by the prices

Making me spend.

I am offended by vices

Making me bend.

I’m offended by pixels

I’m offended by meaning

I’m offended by words

That are left and right leaning.

I’m offended by danger and offended by risk, I’m offended by heartbreak and I won’t stand for this.

I’m offended by women

I’m offended by men

I’m offended by black

If it’s the color of skin.

I’m offended by white

I’m offended by power

I’m offended by poverty

-the offense of the hour-

I’m offended at you being offended at me

I am offended that you think different from me.

I like being a child.

It feels good to me.

It feels much better

Than responsibility.

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