The Beast

People believe what they want to believe
What do you believe?

Where are you indignant?

Are you sure?

Have you ever been wrong?

Are you usually surprised when you find you’re wrong?

Do you feel”Sheepish” when you find out you’re wrong?

Do you teach your children to never be wrong?

Or do you teach them science.

Are you an explorer


A fighter

You cannot be both

And I don’t mean a warrior. I mean a fighter.

If you are an explorer, how do you explore? Do you pour over existing maps, looking for untouched space? Do you find reasons to stay where you are, but daydream about the wonderful and important places you should, or could go?

Or do you get courageous and stand up to the challenge of new lands, new inspiration, new rage, old rage?

I know that your world must be a certain way, for you to be OK.

I know how you must feel.

Rattling, no, throttling the bars of your cage. Screaming to warn yourself that the beast is coming. Screaming to warn yourself that beast is coming.

The beast you’ve always known.

The beast you’ve seen and thought you killed.

The beast who’s eaten your family and left you only bloody bones of children and ancestors.

Your children.

There are those who pretend at rage because they have nothing else to sustain them. They have nothing else because they haven’t yet discovered exploration.

They were raised by slaves of the beast.

There are others whom the beast has actually visited. We know them because they are not loud.

They understand, those that have been visited, that you can not feed the beast and hope to win.

They know what the beast eats.

Do you?

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