Poor poor poor me

All night and day I thought and felt And yet the time it comes to write It's the middle of the night. And i get angry because There's nothing else accessible Because I haven't made the time I haven't created the space I haven't done it god DAMN it And so quietly And with a … Continue reading Poor poor poor me

The Muse

Whether pen or pixel, have it close The muse moves swiftly as a ghost Unencumbered by thought or meaning Or time or place or convenient leaning The muse won't wait, she's an impulsive girl She saunters in and lights the world And I'll scramble like a love struck boy All elbows and jostle, to record … Continue reading The Muse

The Greatest of all, The Journey

Heads whip, there's so much to take in. Eyes wide, I cannot miss anything. Plains and caves and oceans and secret paths and hidden clearings in deep woods. Fully carved water routes through fields, invisible, impossible with cliffs for ants and Mississippi like for the waterbug. Monuments and islands carved by people and time, both … Continue reading The Greatest of all, The Journey

Dipping a Toe: It’s Messy

Am I ready For "Trump" And "Bannon" and "The Alt Right"? Am I ready for the hate they inspire? The problem is not them. The problem is the hate. And I don't think I'm ready. The strength you need to take in hate and convert it to love is beyond me. I would much rather … Continue reading Dipping a Toe: It’s Messy

Birds on a Wire

My ideas, again, flown Like birds on a wire. They sit for a moment Usually until I disturb them with a look And then, alas...they alight One great cloud of inseparable beauty That I can never touch or examine But only relish that I was there for the alighting And disappearance. And that I am … Continue reading Birds on a Wire

Stopping by the Internet on a Snowy Night.

I don't believe in anything Except the confusion, And, sometimes...perception. Ranting at or because of Facebook is like...I can't even say. But it has been said. And I hope I can quietly change And learn to better live... But I hate going to sleep, when there are pixels left to eat, when there are pixels … Continue reading Stopping by the Internet on a Snowy Night.

It Is So Much Bigger

A mother coddled her son. She asked, at every turn, "What would you like" "Oatmeal or eggs, fruit or toast" Both? "And how would you like it", she asked. She attended to him. "Let me help you with your socks." "Let me help you with your clothes." "Let me help you be less frustrated." "Let … Continue reading It Is So Much Bigger